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Parrots are people with feathers. Really. They have their own personalities with their own likes and dislikes. Other than Peaches, we have four other parrots (an Indian Ringneck, a Goffin's Cockatoo, and two Cockatiels). While the other birds love a rich diet of mixed pellets, fresh organic veggies and fruit, occasional bits of meat, and clean healthy seed; Peaches' preferences are bit more simple.

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He refuses to entertain any vegetable to date, and his interest in fruits are narrow (bananas and fuji apples is where it's at for him). He does love mama's home cooking though, but we have to be careful to how much of this he actually gets and also to make sure it doesn't have many if any baddies in it—a little bit every now and then is fine (like our own diets, the key rule here is everything in Moderation).

*Be sure to always avoid avocados (highly toxic if not deadly to parrots), chocolate, and coffee—silly to have to say, I mean, who would think of giving their bird coffee or chocolate would ever be a good idea?).

Anyhoo, believe it or not, his choice diet is his beloved pellet mix he has everyday, all day. And, as our favorite Avian doc tells us (whom also is a parrot parent of a 30 year old Senegal), 80% of your parrots diet should be a quality mix of pellets for optimal nutrition. So, at the advice of our doc, this is what we feed Peaches, and this is what he LOVES. *I find that Amazon has the absolute best prices when it comes to his pellets*

Tip:  I simply pour all of these bags into a very very large mixing bowl and mix them all together. I then pour the mix into a large jar (which is accompanied by a secure, sealed lid). That way, it's easy for me to scoop him out some when it's time for more pellets.

Zupreme Fruit Blend for Medium to Large Parrots

Zupreme Natural for Large Parrots

And...Harrison's High Potency Course Parrot Food

In the end, every parrot is unique, just like us. It's a trial and error task to figure out what your life long feathered friend prefers. Some birds, like our Indian Ringneck will eat just about anything you put in front of him. But, Peaches is 30 years old, who are we to try and tell him how to eat? Right? LOL! I can say this though, in regards to the pellet mix; Peaches and Ellie (our Goffin's cockatoo) were both rescues and they took to this pellet mix immediately! So, if you have a picky parrot that is hard to feed pellets to, I would Highly recommend using these exact  brands and flavors to mix and feed to your baby. If you have a smaller parrot (such as a cockatiel or ringneck) these brands all have versions of these exact pellets but in smaller sizes.

Here is a Great Video with Tons of Tips on Parrot Diets! The recipe starts at 5:17 minutes.

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