Who Is Peaches the Cockatoo?

Who is anyone, really? From what we know, Peaches came from a home where he lived with his owner for 27 years. While unsure, we believe that his owner of 27 years passed away and through various circumstances, ended up in a crowded pet store; surrounded by loud Macaws and other screaming, noisy large parrots. After many visits to this particular pet store, the lady (that we got Peaches from) couldn't stand seeing poor Peaches in his cage—surrounded by this constant chaos—sitting nervously quiet in the corner, shaking like a leaf with plucked feathers from his legs.

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After much thought, she couldn't take it anymore. She forked up a whopping $3,000.00 to the pet store just to rescue him from this horrible situation! People are Amazing! Her heart is as big as the world! So, she took him home with her to her house of other misfit animals. A place where she rescues domesticated and non-domesticated animals for rehabilitation.

Finally, she came to a point (after caring for Peaches for two solid years) that it was time for Peaches to have a forever home. By the Grace of God, we saw her humble ad on Craigslist. There he was, absolutely majestic—and for free to the right Rescue family!

Well, that family ended up being us!

And while the adjustment process of bringing him home and introducing him to his new flock (4 people, 3 dogs, and 4 birds) was incredibly difficult to say the least, we all pushed through the bites and getting to know you stage. As you know, a rescued parrot is not the true nature of the parrot inside. Like people, they too take time to relax, familiarize, Trust, and unfold.

Today, we have a Wonderful, Blossoming Boy! He may seem old to many of you that may not know a lot about Cockatoos, but he still has a long way to go! I'd say he has at least a good 40 years left in him! While bringing him home at first seemed to be an impossible situation, we stuck through the hard times and gave him plenty of space and patience to adjust and learn to Trust that we wanted nothing but the best for him. Now, he is joyous, bratty, hilarious, Extremely Intelligent, BAD (LOL), and all around an absolute irreplacable person in our family unit.

While he is one of the best things that has happened to our family, I feel compelled to warn you that Cockatoos are every bit as difficult as people say and like pitbull dogs (which we have one of those as well) they are NOT for everyone.  They need continuous patience, time, and attention. Read ALL you can, watch all you can, and contemplate as much as you need to before deciding to bring a parrot such as a Cockatoo into your home. Rescue Responsibly! But Please, Rescue!! :)

Best Wishes from our flock to yours!
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  1. I enjoyed learning about your Peaches. My Peaches is also a rescue parrot. I've had her for 14 years now and she has never stopped changing. She wasn't very well socialized when I got her, but she has come a long way. Thank you for sharing your story and the realities of owning a parrot. Take care.

  2. Aaaw! I love hearing that. Thank YOU So Much for taking the time to read his story and for your kind comment! Best Wishes to You and Peaches :)


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