Baby Timneh African Grey Parrot—1 Week Old!

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Well, I couldn't be more excited! I just received my first photo of my baby Timneh African Grey parrot last night. To think that these little angels emerge from a small, humble, unassuming egg is nothing short of a Miracle. I'm beside myself with happiness, excitement, and anticipation.

Only two of the total five eggs (there were two sets of parents that had eggs) hatched 1 week ago from yesterday. While it will be three months from now when I can go pick up my baby, I will be making an early special trip to go and see which one of these little sweeties likes me best. That will be the one for me. I look forward to documenting this every step of the way via our blog as well as documenting via video for our blog and YouTube Channel.

I look forward to one day having a treasure trove of memories from the beginning and sharing that for other parrot lovers and enthusiasts. Without further ado, here is my first photo (below)—You can see Mama bird watching over them on the left-hand-side of the photo.


Baby Timneh African Grey Parrot—1 Week Old! Baby Timneh African Grey Parrot—1 Week Old! Reviewed by sherri on August 06, 2018 Rating: 5

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