Bird Flock TV—TV for Birds—Episode 2

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Welcome to Bird Flock T.V.!

For those of us with Parrots or any Birds for that matter, this one is for YOU—and really for anyone that loves Bird Watching! I started these streams because I found it difficult to find Good background Parrot/Bird cams on YouTube for our own flock. Parrots love hanging out with parrots. They just Love hearing other birds go about their business. So, I thought, well, why don't I create Live Streams that people like myself could appreciate and use. So, here we go!

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We also upload silly short parrot videos weekly and hope you enjoy those as well! Thanks for Watching and Be Well!

Bird Flock TV—TV for Birds—Episode 2 Bird Flock TV—TV for Birds—Episode 2 Reviewed by sherri on September 20, 2018 Rating: 5

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