Charlie the Baby Timneh African Grey at 8 weeks old—Video Included


Hi, Everbirdie!

I hope all of you are doing Great today. I have a new update/video of Charlie (who is now going into his eighth week of life here on Earth). Everything is going great with him. He's growing super fast now and definitely is the chatty one of the two as well as the most spunky. There are differences between the two chicks that are definitely highly distinguishable.

Charlie stands tall, highly mobile, highly talkative and generally displays the behavior of a male bird. The other little chick-a-dee shows behaviors that are more in-line with a nesting type of behavior. "She" tends to crouch down the majority of the time with extended neck is a bit less attention getting. The breeder and I both suspect that indeed, Charlie appears to be a boy (given his behavior and the shape of his head—flatter on top as well as the overall shape). She's also becoming increasingly convinced that the other chick is a girl given her developing looks and overall behavior.

None-the-less, we will be DNA testing Charlie as soon as his feathers really start to come in! Then I will be able to share his/her Gender Reveal!! YAY!!

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Ok, below is our latest video of Sweet Charlie and his sibling. He is the baby in the back. This video is adorable because you see that it's feeding time and they are trying to feed each other! It's SO Cute!! And those baby dinosaur sounds! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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Thanks Again Guys!! Have a Great, Positive, Happy Upcoming Week!

Charlie the Baby Timneh African Grey at 8 weeks old—Video Included Charlie the Baby Timneh African Grey at 8 weeks old—Video Included Reviewed by sherri on September 16, 2018 Rating: 5

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