Charlie's BIG Surprise!!! 9 Week Old Baby Timneh African Grey


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So, it's been a little bit since I've updated you on Charlie and boy do we have an UPDATE! I'm curious as to how many people think this is a "gender reveal"—nope! Charlie won't be ready for that for another week or so. So, what could this surprise be if it's not about his/her gender?

Well, it's a Total Surprise to me and was never considered nor expected!

Now, for those of you out there that are highly knowledgeable about African Grey Parrots you might have already guessed what it could be. And for most of you that might not know, I'll briefly describe.

Sometimes African Greys develop a very rare genetic feather color mutation called "the Red Factor"—this mutation was originally discovered in wild African Grey parrots. This mutation will cause a baby grey to naturally develop red feathers in places that a grey normally would not have them.

The Congo African Grey naturally sports a breathtakingly red tail with the rest of the parrot covered in various tones of grey. Timneh African Greys (which is what Charlie is) sport dark red/maroon colored tail feathers while the rest of the bird also is covered in various tones of grey. When a bird is hatched with the red factor this is a very cool, and super rare occurrence.

It appears that Charlie is gifted by his father with the red factor! Check out the photos below! The feathers are So Beautiful! As if he/she wasn't Special already!

Baby Charlie Timneh African Grey showing the Red Factor in his/her tail feathers!

Close Up of Charlie's Red tail! His/her sibling who is that cutie on the right side has a normal Timneh Grey Maroon colored tail. See the difference?!

An Even Closer Look at Charlie's tail!

Looky Here! Charlie has some red spotting under his/her wings!!

Another Look Under the Other Wing!

If any of you Grey people out there have any thoughts or maybe more info on the red factor, please leave a comment! Would Love to read about it!

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