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Parrot Safe Cookware | Parrot Care Tips | Inhaling Toxic Fumes from Pans & More!

Many new parrot parents aren't aware that there may be lethal dangers lurking in their homes that could potentially kill their sweet feathered babies. As promised from our previous stream on the topic, down below is a list of recommended parrot safe cookware. I've also included our bird community stream below, to listen to the in-depth discussion on the topic. If you would like to watch live and join in on the conversations, you're more than welcome! You can Click Here to visit our YouTube channel. We stream three times per week—discussing a different topic each stream.

The key here is to stay clear of anything that has any Teflon (PTFE *Polytetrafluoroethylene* and PFOA *Perfluorooctanoic acid*). 

NEVER USE THE SELF CLEANING FEATURE ON YOUR OVEN. Ovens are known to contain a nonstick coating made from PTFE. When an oven reaches the extremely high temperatures it needs to, to activate the self cleaning mode (typically from 600 - 950 degrees Fahrenheit) the oven emits toxic fumes into the air that has killed countless beloved birds.

From what I've read and understand, many new stoves have various components that are coated with chemicals that emit these toxic chemicals into the air when the stove/oven are used during the first few times of use! So, please take proper precautions if you happen to have a new stove/oven installed.

Please Also Note: if you use gas heating or a gas stove, it is Highly recommended that you install a Carbon Monoxide Detector.


Ceramic Cookware

Stainless Steel


Ceramic Slowcookers


As Noted in the video below, please stay clear of plastic coated cooking utensils. It is best to stick to Stainless Steel spoons and spatulas and/or Bamboo and Wooden Utensils

*If you ever have questions regarding the cookware/appliances you currently have in your home, I Strongly recommend contacting the manufacturer to verify that your items do not contain any Teflon based materials! If you are unable to get a response or direct answer, I would personally stay clear of those items and work on purchasing one of the types of items above.

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