My Parrot is Broken | How to Fix an Ugly Bird

💚Birds can hide their illnesses when they are sick. When birds molt
it's a very uncomfortable time for parrots. "My parrot is broken or why
is my bird ugly or why are my bird's feathers dull," might be something
people wonder if they do not realize their bird is molting. Quinn my
molting amazon parrot looks so uncomfortable with his pinfeathers in
this bird video. Knowing what to feed your parrot and showering your
bird can help keep your bird healthy during this difficult time.

important to take your birds to see a vet ASAP, the first signs that
things are not right with your bird. Springtime is a tough time for a
parrot, especially for cockatoos. Hormones can compromise a bird's
health and make them sick. Many Cockatoos, Cockatiels, African greys and
other species of parrots can become egg bound this time of year. It's
important to be aware of signs of illness when something is wrong with
your parrot. By taking your bird to see an avian vet for an annual
health exam can help maintain your bird's health. This video will help
answer many of your hormonal bird questions like? How to prevent your
bird from laying an egg? How to prevent hormonal behavior in a parrot?
What to do if my parrot becomes egg bound? Why is my parrot wanting to
nest? How to tell if my bird is egg bound? How can I tell if my bird
is sick? What to do if my bird is sick? How do I know if my bird needs a
Lupron injection and why do some birds need Lupron injections? Why
diet, sleep and weighing your parrot is important for your bird's
health. 💚
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