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Just letting you guys know, that me and Charlie did some channel page updates this weekend! We created various playlists for our different styles of Parrot Music TV episodes :)
Plus, our Parrot Sounds playlist is on there too, for those of you that prefer to hear the Parrot Town birds and to hear Peachy get REALLY LOUD! LOL! As we move forward with each episode, all of the music playlists will grow :)  me and the birds are super happy to bring you guys peaceful, calming musical videos to play whenever you'd like. Charlie and I have already Scheduled this Coming Tuesday's Episode of Parrot Music TV—HAPPY CLASSICAL :) we thought this one would be fun to add to our Classical Bird Music Playlist that we just started. The first episode was a calm classical vid, this one will be an Upbeat classical one :)  We really hope you enjoy it!

Here are the links to the current playlists that Charlie and I worked on (just click on each title to visit that playlist):

Classical Music for Birds

Zen Bird Cafe Music

World Parrot Music

Folk Music for Birds

ALL Parrot Music TV Episodes

Happy Parrot Sounds Parrot TV Playlist

parrot music tv parrot town youtube channel update

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