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    What's Up Everybirdy?! Me & my Flock do Silly Parrot Live Streams 3x a week. Tuesday is TV for Birds, Live Bird Cam (Nothing but Parrots Flocking on a Live Stream & Live Chat), Friday is Birb Trivia (Parrot Trivia Game), & [NEW] Sunday is DIY Bird Toys (where we create a new, ALL Natural parrot toy each week)! Be Sure to Subscribe & Click the Notifications Bell, So You Don't Miss When We Go Live! Thanks So Much for Visiting! 


    TUESDAYS 📺 🦜 TV for Birds (Live Bird Cam Stream) 12PM CST 

    FRIDAYS  📺 🦜 TV for Birds (Live Bird Cam Stream) 12PM CST

    SUNDAYS 🧵 ✂️ DIY Bird Toys (Live DIY Parrot Toy Creation) 12PM CST 🦜

    Thanks So Much for Visiting!

    parrot care parrot talk tips tricks and all things parrots live three days a week on youtube birds
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    The FLOCK🦜 

    Peachy - Moluccan Cockatoo 

    Charlie - Timneh African Grey 

    sherri - Human 

    Ellie - Goffins Cockatoo 

    Benny - Indian Ringneck 

    Frankie - Cockatiel 

     Augie - Cockatiel 

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